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Manual minidoll

One of the mechanisms that protects the Tower of the Goddess. Patrols the tower, eliminating intruders. Appears in the ancient Indian bible--the Rig Veda--and other texts as a flying machine.
--Vita version bestiary

Fighting vimana

Fighting Vimana

Vimana are the Sub-Boss of the Tower of the Goddess. They are a pair of (water-powered?) flying artillery platforms that guard one of the towers. The Vimana emerge from the walls of (D-3) after both water seals are broken in Flooding the Tower of the Goddess. They fly vertically between (D-2) and (D-4). Their tendency to fly off-screen, combined with the presence of other flying enemies to knock Lemeza down into (D-4) or (D-5) make Vimana more of a nuisance than a threat.

Fighting VimanaEdit


  • The Vimana will rapidly fire red bullets at Lemeza when he is horizontal to it.
  • Contact with a Vimana does some damage.

Weak PointEdit

The large shelled structure on each flying platform.


Be patient and wait for one of them to fly near you.

  • Use the Silver Shield to block their barrage, and hit it with your melee weapon.
    • It should be noted that if you're not in the right position the bullets can glitch through the shield in hard mode sometimes knocking you off the tower.
    • 5 hits from the Axe+randc.exe+mekuri.exe will destroy each Vimana.