Fighting ugallu

Fighting Ugallu

Ugallu is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a giant lion and its body later becomes part of Mushussu.

To defeat Ugallu for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.

Fighting UgalluEdit


  • Ugallu hops around the platforms in the room, doing 25/50 damage on collision.
  • Ugallu turns blue and quickly flies horizontally through the room, doing 22/44 damage on collision.

Weak PointEdit

Its head is vulnerable, but the rest of its body isn't.


  • Ugallu has 60 health.
  • Use a shield whenever it turns blue and flies back and forth. The shield will not block Ugallu when it returns however so stay either above the middle platforms, or above the side platforms.
  • Just wail on it with your preferred melee weapon until it dies

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