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There are 10 Steam Trading cards which drop for La-Mulana. Each has a large image associated with it. In many cases, the trading card contains a new piece of Concept Art for the game. Collecting a set of trading cards rewards the player with a "Steam badge", emoticon, and background which can be found here.

SteamCard La-Mulana


SteamCard Lemeza Kosugi

Lemeza Kosugi

SteamCard Shorn Kosugi

Shorn Kosugi

SteamCard Mulbruk


SteamCard Elder Xelpud

Elder Xelpud

SteamCard Curry Time

Curry Time

SteamCard Fairy Family

Fairy Family

SteamCard Skimpy Bathing Suit

Skimpy Bathing Suit

SteamCard Curry


SteamCard Overburdened


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