The details below may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

The following table contains a comprehensive list of all the shops in the game as well as their locations and contents. It does not explain how to find or access the shop, nor does it explain how to solve any related puzzles. Please refer to the individual shop or field pages if you need this information. Full shopkeeper dialog, please see the individual shop pages, or the text dump. You may also find the List of Shops and List of Shops by Item to be useful.

Items in bold are unique. Items that are underlined are required to beat the game.

Master shopkeeper list
Name Field Ui coin Item 1 Ui coin Item 2 Ui coin Item 3
Modro Surface (G-4) 10 Hand Scanner 400 Ammunition 10 Shuriken
Nebur Surface (F-4) 10 Weights 50 reader.exe 20 yagomap.exe
Nebur Surface (F-4) 250 Mobile Super X2 50 reader.exe 20 yagomap.exe
Sidro Surface (G-4) 10 Buckler 50 Waterproof Case 100 Pistol
Penadvent of Ghost Gate of Guidance (B-6) 10 Shuriken 60 guild.exe 10 Weights
Greedy Charlie Mausoleum of the Giants (F-3) 60 Hermes' Boots 10 Rolling Shuriken 10 Weights
Kingvalley I Temple of the Sun (B-5) 350 Ammunition 80 Bombs 10 Shuriken
Shalom III Temple of the Sun (D-2) 10 Rolling Shuriken 20 Earth Spear 50 bunemon.exe
Usas VI Temple of the Sun (E-5) 80 Heatproof Case 40 Flare Gun 10 Weights
Mr. Fishman Spring in the Sky (D-4) 10 Weights 10 Shuriken 30 Caltrops
Hot-blooded Nemesistwo Inferno Cavern (E-4) 150 capstar.exe 20 Earth Spear 10 Weights
Operator Combaker Chamber of Extinction (H-2) 25 Earth Spear 45 Flare Gun 55 Chakram
Arrogant Metagear Twin Labyrinths (frontside) (D-4) 200 Lamp of Time 10 Shuriken 50 Chakram
Yiegah Kungfu Twin Labyrinths (frontside) (A-4) 60 Helmet 30 Caltrops 10 Weights
Affected Knimare Endless Corridor (C-1) 100 Bombs 30 Caltrops 10 Weights
Mover Athleland Gate of Illusion (A-3) 300 move.exe 100 Bombs 20 Weights
Giant Mopiran Graveyard of the Giants (A-1) 25 Earth Spear 100 Fake Silver Shield 15 Weights
Giant Mopiran Graveyard of the Giants (A-1) 25 Earth Spear 400 Angel Shield 15 Weights
Kingvalley II Temple of Moonlight (F-4) 400 Scriptures 15 Shuriken 400 Ammunition
Energetic Belmont Tower of the Goddess (A-3) 300 miracle.exe 40 Caltrops 20 Weights
Mechanical Efspi Tower of Ruin (C-3) 200 torude.exe 110 Bombs 50 Flare Gun
Mud Man Qubert Chamber of Birth (C-4) 400 Ammunition 150 Ankh Jewel 20 Weights
Arrogant Sturdy Snake Twin Labyrinths (backside) (G-4) 150 Bracelet 100 Bombs 30 Caltrops
Yiear Kungfu Twin Labyrinths (backside) (J-4) 100 Dragon Bone 20 Earth Spear 40 Flare Gun
Draucet Hell Temple (C-5) 50 Flare Gun 120 Bombs 400 Ammunition

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