Some inventory elements can be changed by modifying save files.

Location of save files Edit

For the Steam version, save files are located in :


How to edit Edit

A hex editor must be used.

Each save file is a 16 kB file and must be open with a hex editor.

At given positions (addresses) of the file, some figures represent a property of the save file (current health, position, inventory). By modifying those, it is possible, for example, to increase the number of weights you are currently carrying.

All data are stored in hexadecimal format, so data shall be modified in this format as well.

What to edit Edit

For the moment, only amount of money, weight, and ammo can be edited.

Address Item Max value (dec) Max value (hexa)
E Health
10E4 Weight 99 63


Money 999 03E7
10E8 Shuriken 150 96
10EA Rolling Shuriken 100 64
10EC Earth Spear 80 50
10EE Flare 80 50
10F0 Bomb 30 1E
10F2 Chakram 10 0A
10F4 Caltrop 80 50
10F6 Pistol ammo box 3 03
10FA Current pistol ammo 6 06

Notes :

  • backup you save files before editing !
  • do not exceed max values (unpredictable behaviour)
  • editing an ammo value without having already obtained the weapon has no effect