A giant monster with all its muscles showing. Has long arms and just one of its eyeballs [sic] is 1m in diameter. Can also shoot blasts of heat from its organs to attack opponents.
--Vita version bestiary


Fighting Nuckelavee

Nuckelavee, nicknamed "Jackrabbit" by the La-Mulana community, is an armored bipedal lobster-like cyclops. It is the Sub-Boss of Spring in the Sky.

Fighting NuckelaveeEdit


  • Contact with Nuckelavee does 8 damage
  • Nuckelavee fires a laser from its eye which bounces around the room a couple times
    • The laser does 4 damage

Weak PointEdit

The eye. The rest of Nuckelavee's body, including the lower part of its head, will not take damage.


Stand next to Nuckelavee, then just jump and hit him with your Whip. A Buckler might help block the laser. You only have to worry about damage from the laser if you have no Sacred Orbs.

  • 10 Hits with the Whip
  • Collect the Axe from the Temple of Moonlight first and hit him 4 times with it
  • Secondary weapons do damage if they can hit the top of its head, but must be thrown from slightly higher than single-jump height.
  • If you have around 40 flares you can fire them at Nuckelavee from a position almost directly below him. Fire the flares so that they miss his feet but still hit his head when each explodes.


The nuckelavee is a sea monster from Orkney Island folklore, appearing as a one-eyed, skinless (but not sinew-less or vein-less) horse with finned hooves and the upper body of a monstrous man attached to its back. Apparently enraged by the smell of kelp being dried or burned, it will attack and plague anyone it sees, but cannot bring itself to cross even a stream of fresh water.