King of the Gyonin. Has a big nose to prove he is king, naturally. Very weak constitution. Also doesn't have the legs typical of Gyonin. This makes his movement very restricted. Said to have a good and pure heart.
--Vita version bestiary

Mr gyonin himself

Mr. Gyonin's (C-8) habitat

Mr. Gyonin Himself, called Gyonin King in the Vita version, is a friend of GR3 Project, the development team behind La.MuLANA.

Gyonin's avatar is that of some sort of fish. Gyonin's fish form makes several cameo appearances within the game.

Cameo AppearancesEdit

Assault in (C-8)Edit

In Spring in the Sky (C-8), Gyonin King appears as a docile enemy. After Lemeza strikes him enough, he flies up off the screen and unlocks the Ankh Jewel chest.

  • Takes 30 hits from the Whip
  • Contact with Gyonin does 1 point of damage

Spring in the Sky ShopEdit

After being driven from the (C-8) room, Gyonin King opens a shop in Spring in the Sky (D-4) and is known as Mr. Fishman.