Medicines are used in puzzles to face the final forms of Mother and to progress through certain parts of Hell Temple.

Medicine StatueEdit


The Medicine Statue

Medicines are dispensed by the statue in Tower of Ruin (G-2). It must first be unlocked.

To find it get medicine:

Unlock Medicine StatueEdit

  • Defeat the Thunderbird in Tower of Ruin (D-4) to open the path to (C-4).
  • Use the Lamp of Time in Tower of Ruin (C-4) to reveal the Sky Fish flying around the room. Kill at least two to cause the machinery to the left to move aside, revealing a dais. Place a weight here to reveal the Medicine Statue in Tower of Ruin (G-2). (The path closes shortly after opening so be quick.)

Yellow Medicine Edit

The Yellow Medicine is required to summon Mother and complete the game.

Note that you will require the yellow medicine. If you accidentally got the wrong color, return to Fobos in the Dimensional Corridor to reset this puzzle and try again.

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