The details below may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

This page contains a full list of shops that can be encountered in the ruins. You may also find the List of Shops by Item and Shopkeeper Data to be useful.

Frontside Locations

Gate of Guidance

Mausoleum of the Giants

Temple of the Sun

Spring in the Sky

Inferno Cavern

Chamber of Extinction

Twin Labyrinths (frontside)

Endless Corridor

Shrine of the Mother

  • None!

Backside Locations

Gate of Illusion

Graveyard of the Giants

Temple of Moonlight

Tower of the Goddess

Tower of Ruin

Chamber of Birth

Twin Labyrinths (backside)

Dimensional Corridor

  • None!

True Shrine of the Mother

  • None!

Miscellaneous Locations



  • None!

Gate of Time

  • None!

Hell Temple

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