Fighting kulullu

Fighting Kulullu

Kulullu is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a red-haired mermaid that wields a trident and hides in the water at the bottom of the screen.

To defeat Kulullu for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.


  • Kulullu jumps out of the water, then either falls back in to disappear or lands on a platform.
    • 11/22 damage on collision
  • After landing on a platform, Kulullu launches four fire bolts into the air from its trident before jumping back into the water. After a second, they spread and fall back through the room.
    • 8/16 damage

Weak PointEdit

Head and upper body. Its tail is not vulnerable.


  • Kulullu has 50 health.
  • Stay out of the water. Kulullu will begin its jumps on top of you and do unavoidable collision damage if you're in the water.
  • Wait in the alcove on the right of the room (where there is no water beneath).
    • You're safe from Kulullu's jump here, but not all of its fire bolts.
    • If Kulullu lands on a platform within reach, you can jump out, attack, then get back to safety before it next emerges from the water.
  • 11 hits with the Axe will kill it.


  • Used to be called Creel.
  • Kulullû was an ancient Mesopotamian mythical monster possibly inherited by Marduk from his father Ea.Wikipedia

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