La mulana glitch-0

As seen here, Lemeza can clip above this Statue.

La Mulana is a well-created game, with much playtesting. However, there are still a few glitches that slip under the radar. This is a compilation of those glitches, including clips, unintentional problems, or hitbox/sprite issues. Location, activation, and effects of the glitches are listed.

Clips: Edit

  • Chamber of Birth, (B-3)
    • After the statue starts moving, run into it as it approaches Lemeza. He will either clip above it, into the ceiling above until he is forced out to the other side, or simply jump up quickly to the top of the statue before falling down. May have speedrunning usage if the former happens, as there is less distance with this route from the first Cog of the Soul point to the second.
  • Tower of the Goddess (E-1)
    • When the Goddess statue approaches Lemeza to try to crush you with its shield, a certain area of it can get him stuck in the floor! Jumping lowers him, all the way into the Graveyard of the Giants- however, you must perfectly time your jumps in the small section between the two fields, or he will be forced in between them quickly. Two quick jumps will force him down out of this. Skips the field transition animation, but hard to perform- possibly useful for speedrunning.

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