Xelpud Portrait

Elder Xelpud is the village elder of the village outside of the ruins. How he got this illustrious position is anyone's guess as he's self-centered, tech-wise and has some disturbing tendencies. Nevertheless, he helps Lemeza often during his adventures in the ruins and provides insight into the past as he is one of the 7th children. Though he also has a tendency to call him in for no good reason or accuse him of theft if he takes something from the shrine on the surface.

He is the writer of the in-game E-mails which provide clues, explanation, and flavor text at certain parts of the game.

Xelpud's Best FriendEdit

(* just speculation for what might add new dialogue)

  • Speak to the Elder at the beginning of the game
    Welcome! You that Professor Lemeza, am I right?
    I think, er, I know what you're looking for--La-Mulana, right?
    Them ruins can be reached down by the outskirts of this village.

  1. Enter the tent again.
  2. Enter the tent once more.
  3. Entering with Usable Items equipped
    1. Equipping the Hand Scanner
    2. Equipping the Pepper
    3. Equipping the Mini Doll
    4. Equipping the Woman Statue (missable if you transform it first)
    5. Equipping the Maternity Statue
    6. Equipping the Serpent Staff
    7. Equipping the Key of Eternity
    8. Equipping the Lamp of Time (charged)
    9. Equipping the Talisman
    10. Equipping the Diary
    11. Equipping the Mulana Talisman
    12. Equipping the Dragon Bone
    13. Equipping the Cog of the Soul
    14. Equipping the Magatama Jewel
    15. Equipping the Vessel
    16. Equipping the Djed Pillar
  4.  *Possibly after obtaining the Hermes' Boots, deathv.exe, or Helmet
    • Talks about "the good action games"
    • Talks about "game is boring"
    • "Turning ruins into a tourist destination"
    • Sings about being the elder and important
    • "game I wanna download but don't have enough points"
    • "worrying about my gaming addiction?"
    • "Arms hurt from sending too many e-mails"
    • "I'm gaming right now
      Don't bug me."
  1. After receiving the Shuriken and Email #9 *possibly obtainable by immediately teleporting to talk to Xelpud after recieving any email as it also works right after you get the Holy Grail and Email #8
    • "What the?!?
      I was just in the midle of writing you..."
  2. After defeating 1 Guardian and receiving e-mail 18
    • "You made it!..."
  1. After defeating a second Guardian and receiving e-mail 25
    • "This here's a story that's been passed down..."
    • "Always feels good to soak in the hot springs..."
  1.  *After awakening Mulbruk
    • "only on stage two"
    • After wakening Mulbruk (and defeating 2 Guardians ?)
      • "You found the sleeping one..."
  1.  *Possibly a new piece after defeating two bosses
  2.  *Possibly a new piece of dialogue after having shown two items or defeating Anubis
  3.  *After purchasing an item from Mr. Fishman (D4) after bringing a Key Fairy to change shop items, a new random dialogue may show up.
    • "Gah!
      Noo, I died again..."
  4. After receiving e-mail 43 (New Laptop)
  5. After receiving the Bombs
    • "Oh good, you're still alive...."
  6.  *After killing Baphomet or defeating 6 of the guardians
  7. Multiple dialogue pieces by equipping different active items (and may need to be used before the final fight or the True Shrine emerges)
  8. After setting the Dragon Bone in Shrine of the Mother
  9.  *Entering the tent once more after finding the Diary
  10.  *Possibly a THIRD piece by entering one more time after you find the Diary.
  11.  *Two possible random dialogue pieces by getting the Dimensional Key or the Pochette Key (or having acquired so many items by this point?).
  12. Equipping the Crystal Skull.
  13.  *After speaking to all four Philosophers, possibly another random dialogue.
  14.  *After getting all the seals or possibly all sacred orbs
  15. After defeating the final guardian, his howling wind dialogue becomes default for the rest of the game.
  16.  *In the Gate of Time, 8bit Xelpud has a line (not sure if this counts)
  • In the path to activating Hell Temple, enter the tent at night for his final line (not sure if it counts).

18. He gives you a final dialogue line after finishing Hell Temple and then entering his tent while wearing the bathing suit. It’s roughly the same as his “the wind is howling” line, only this one adds extra emphasis to “daaaaay~”


  • His claim of being the final boss is a reference to another game.
  • He has a laptop and has enough skill at programming to create his own mail-receiver software for Lemeza's laptop.
  • The statue near the entry point to the ruins looks like him.
  • Xelpud wears an MSX T-shirt under his robes. This is visible on his Trading Card.

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