The Tree of Eden

A paradise deep in the fog. Clear the fog, and you will be surrounded by more happiness. Head for the Tree of Eden with the fruit of paradise in hand. The path shall open for the wise.

Npc tablet

Stone Tablet,
Eden (G-6)

Eden (Japanese: 楽園, "Rakuen" / lit. "Paradise Garden") is a serene paradise with lush flora growing over the floors, and is home to the Tree of Eden. Upon entering Eden there will be a brief, subtle film grain effect on the screen, hinting at the area's illusory nature. The area itself is actually an illusion, and the Fruit of Eden must be used to dispel the illusion and reveal its true form, the Gate of Illusion.

  • Music: Eden
  • Entrances and Exits:
    • G-6: Temple of Moonlight (B-1)


6 Eden G6


Paradise LostEdit

  • After obtaining the Fruit of Eden, a dais will appear at the base of the Tree of Eden in the upper-right corner. Place a weight here to reveal the truth.

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