Tablet chi you

Gate of Guidance (A-3) Tablet depiction of Chi You

Chi You, the demon who attained the power of eternity by absorbing the life force of innocent maidens. Woe unto those that fall into the Sacrificial Abyss.
--Gate of Guidance (A-3) Tablet

A giant with a four-eyed cow head and six legs. Creates gusts of wind and is an expert at making use of various weapons in battle. Said to have obtained an immortal body from secret sorceries. Difficult to defeat.
--Vita version bestiary

Chi You is a Sub-Boss in the Gate of Illusion. A giant warrior with six arms and
Chi You

Fighting Chi You

the head of a bull, Chi You is equipped with many of the same weapons as Lemeza. In addition, sacrificial maidens will fall from the ceiling and heal Chi You, making it invulnerable until the sacrifices are stopped. The regeneration appears as green lights around Chi You after it is struck.

Fighting Chi YouEdit

Make sure to stop the sacrifices before fighting Chi You.

Weak PointEdit

Face (when not guarded by shield)


  • It is recommended to get the Gauntlet to make this fight easier.
  • Strike Chi You's lowered shield to stun him. Jump up, strike his head once, and get away to safety. Or jump up and strike twice. Repeat until Chi You is dead.

After WinningEdit

After defeating Chi You, sacrificial maidens will open the chest containing the Key of Eternity.

Watch out for the large platform that falls after the chest is unlocked. Getting crushed by this platform will reward you with an Achievement, but also kill you.


Chi You was a tribal leader of the ancient nine Li tribe. According to legend, Chi You had a bronze head with metal foreheads. He had 4 eyes and 6 arms, wielding terrible sharp weapons in every hand. His head was that of a bull with two horns, but the body was that of a human. --Wikipedia