Oldmanual buer

Buer as he appears in the old game manual

Manual buer

Buer in the new manual


Fighting Buer

A monster with the head of a lion and the legs of horses. Its legs spin around freely, kicking all that approach to death. He is a Sub-Boss found in the Temple of the Sun (A-2) guarding the passage to the Inferno Cavern.

Fighting BuerEdit

Fighting Buer


Contact with Buer or its legs does damage to Lemeza

  • Buer will fly from platform to platform, kicking its legs all around
  • If Lemeza stands next to Buer (in Whip range) while it is moving towards him, Buer will kick at him.

Weak PointEdit

Buer's head/body.


Stick to the right side of the room to avoid setting off the statue traps on the left. Keep your distance and used ranged attacks.

Alternatively wait for him to jump on a platform and hit him from beneath with the axe.


  • He is the 10th spirit from the Ars Goetia.

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