Background objects are various objects which can be activated with the hand scanner to provide text or hints.

Scanning all of them provides the Archaeological Authority achievement.

Research Mode Edit

Archaeology Dictionary Edit

  • Split Gate
    • Similar to the Candi Bentar of Bali Island, but decorated differently.
    • Located in Surface (H-5)
  • Mural depicting a face
    • Similar to the colossal Olmec head at the La Venta ruins in Mexico.
    • Located in Gate of Guidance (C-1)
  • An Ancient Mayan Airship?
    • Resembles the ruins of the Olmec civilization in Mexico.
      A decorated flute; also looks like a man riding an airship.
    • Located in Gate of Guidance (D-4)
  • The Mechanical God
    • Resembles the mural discovered in the La Venta ruins of the Olmec civilization in Mexico.
      Looks like a human riding a dragon-shaped machine.
    • Located in Gate of Guidance (E-4)

La-Mulana Ruins Dictionary Edit

  • The Mural of Departure
    • A relatively new mural in the ruins.
      It looks like the history of the La-Mulana ruins is detailed here.
    • Located in Surface (I-5)

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