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• 5/7/2013

Game maps

I'm not sure if I'm allowed this exactly, but here goes (copy paste from GameFAQs that I made).

Title : Because I'm a nerd

I got this game at the sale, because a friend on another board suggested it to me. And wow, what a great game.

So... I made maps.

I wasn't aware the wiki had the maps, so I made my own, screen by screen, arranging them. And since I like things being complete, I made it all Nintendo Power style and have lots of information included, hidden chests, puzzle solutions, and the $@$^@& Gate of Illusion warps mapped out :P

I'm missing Hell Temple, so guess what I'll attempt next! :P

So since its using copyrighted material I'm not sure of what's allowed, but we'll see. Submitting it on the forums for feedback, suggestions and comments. I'm aware the maps are big, but its what I wanted, to be able to SEE it, not squint and try to guess what I'm looking at. I made the screenshots at the smallest resolution in game, and put them together in Photoshop, and then reduced that by 50% for exporting. Personally, I like the end result.


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• 5/10/2013

I just looked through them, and I think they're great! Haven't really gone over them with a fine-tooth comb or anything, but I like the overall look and style to them; you're right, it's very akin to that old Nintendo Power style, which I like a lot. Thanks, and great job!

• 5/10/2013

Thanks! If you find anything or have any comments later, you can tell me. Someone suggested I fill up some of the empty space of some maps with boss strategies. I didn't think that was really necessary, but I suppose I could for the 8 major bosses. At least, the 'easiest' way to do it for a single runthrough, if you're using maps its already because you don't want too huge of a challenge I guess :p

• 5/11/2013

Hell Temple done, every map complete!

• 5/12/2013

Nice! They remind me of a strategy guide. You embody the spirit of the studious note-taker exploring the ruins.

As far as I know, posting the maps is fair-use of the material.

In my opinion, our maps are the biggest weak-point of the wiki here. The current map tiles we have here are extremely low-resolution. If you want to replace them, or give any resources so someone else could do it, that would be wonderful. Maybe we should have a fully-annotated alternative map set available. The ideal would be to find an easy way to let wiki pages default to the blank map tiles, but then let you see annotated versions with a mouse-over or something like that. It sounds difficult to do. All the more impressive what you've done here.

• 5/12/2013

If you want to explore further guide-making, maybe you would like to do a fresh `Let's Play'?

I think we should keep references to external resources like that somewhere on the wiki.

• 5/12/2013

Hmmm I don't have the time to post them up today, but I can edit the pages myself and insert them in, no problem. I'm just not sure of HOW to put them (visually speaking, not code wise).

I think having them as a smaller sized 'click on for fullsized annoted version' would work here, somewhere under the current blank maps.

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